SharePoint Content Database Performance

Courtesy of Malik, Sahil My clients are lucky. I have walked in the door and within a week, with no hardware changes, they saw their SharePoint installations running 400 percent faster than before. I know that’s a tall claim, but as a consultant with very wide exposure, I can say with some confidence that most … Continue reading SharePoint Content Database Performance

Comprehensive – SharePoint 2010 Best Practices (en-US)

SharePoint 2010 Best Practices (en-US) Table of Contents This Wiki page contains an overview of SharePoint 2010 Best Practices of all kinds, divided by categories. ◦Intro ◦Performance ◦Planning ◦Installation, Removal, Configuration, and Operation ◦Deployment ◦Virtualization ◦Real Life Usage ◦Backup and Recovery ◦Development ◦Search ◦Upgrade and Migration ◦Extranet Environments ◦Farms ◦Top 10 Blogs to Follow ◦Top … Continue reading Comprehensive – SharePoint 2010 Best Practices (en-US)